About us


A brand new Boutique Fitness Studio bringing South West London a hit of SPIN, BOX and SWEAT excitement.

Nestled in Balham, our goal is to satisfy your fitness, health, and well-being desires. Be prepared to sweat out your sins with some of London’s best Instructors and leave the house feeling brand new.



Our signature ‘House Ride’ class. A full body, ride-to-the beat workout where the energy is high and the lights are low. Our expert instructors choreograph each class In sync with their curated playlists guaranteed to push you past your sweat into a transformative 45 minutes, engaging both mind and body.

Now with a bonus free-weights track, to focus on upper body strength whilst keeping the legs moving.

Keep an eye on the schedule for musically themed classes not to be missed.


Combines our ‘House Ride’ cardiovascular class with some more strength training using free weights on several tracks throughout the class.

Get ready to improve your overall strength and burn fat along the way.


45 minutes of full body, high intensity interval training boxing class. Escape and develop your boxing technique, covering combinations that will work on speed, strength, agility and coordination. Alongside the boxing, classes consist of strength training combining a variety of weighted exercises combined with body weight drills to both elevate heart rate and develop functional strength.

Whether you’re an experienced boxer or wanting to begin your fitness journey, our smaller capacity studio implements that 1:1 feel and allows flexibility throughout to ensure everyone’s working towards their individual fitness goals.


Dog House Stretch is not your regular, relaxing class. During the 45 minutes expect mobility drills, active stretching, strengthening in the end range of joints and general hard work. The perfect training to accompany BOX HIIT and RIDE or by itself to ensure longevity in your body’s ability to move.